Return Instructions

To exchange or return our products, you only need to download the Online Return Form and follow the filling instructions:

1. Order No.: fill in the order number associated with the product you want to return (example: # 1001);

2. Customer Data: fill in the name, shipping data and contact details associated with the delivery of your order;



4.1 Products to return: indicates the model, size, and reason for the product you want to return.

4.2 If you wish to exchange, indicate the product you want to receive in "Reason" (model - color - size)

5. Date: put the time on which you place the order;

6. Save the document with the #encomenda.pdf (example: # 1001.pdf);

7. Send an email to with the following data:

     7.1 Subject: Return / Exchange # Order No. (example: Return # 1001 / Exchange # 1001);

    7.2 Attach the document to the e-mail and indicate if you want the CTT return label to be sent so that you can deliver it to any Ponto CTT, if you do not already have it, or if it has already been sent with your order, just put it in the part out of order and deliver to any Ponto CTT near you.

7.3 If you have made the payment by Multibanco Reference and opt for the refund, send us the IBAN of the bank account where you want the refund to made; if you have paid by another payment method, the return will be automatic.

The refund is only after checking the product's conformity.

Any questions consult our Shipping, Exchanges and Returns or the Exchanges and Returns section of our FAQ's.

All returns must be made to:

Rua 5 de Outubro nº 484 | 4700-260 - Braga | Portugal